Are you looking for a happier, more focussed and profitable business?

Inhouse Coaching is a specialised executive and corporate coaching service that provides Inhouse Coaching expertise to both executives and recognised valuable employees. Inhouse Coaching provides an affordable and flexible coaching model that works in partnership with the human resources and executive leadership teams to assist in achieving the company’s overall objectives.

Why was Inhouse Coaching established?
It is well recognised that having access to a top-level executive coach is a game-changer for both the individual and the organisation. The only problem is that intensive private one-on-one coaching is expensive, and therefore usually only available to executives already in very senior positions. Inhouse Coaching was established to support not only executive staff, but all staff requiring support for both personal and career issues.

      Alarmingly, 1 in 5 people are likely to be affected by mental health illness resulting in
      6 million working days lost by Australian workplaces each year. And with stress and strain being highly common in today’s working world, Australian employers are recognising the importance of making a difference in the workplace by implementing plans that not only promote and maintain health and wellness at work but personal fulfilment amongst their employees.

With the support of Inhouse Coaching, it has been recognised that happier employees take
6 fewer sick days a year, and remain in their jobs twice as long. The results in higher staff retention, motivation and overall business success.

It’s easy to see why more employers are making plans to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees to gain a competitve advantage.


Most importantly, Inhouse Coaching is a ‘safe place’ where staff can go, providing a confidential reprieve from any problems personally or professionally that may be causing difficulties and ultimately affecting their health and wellness at work.

Inhouse Coaching helps break down the barriers of negative external influences which affects an employee’s ability to perform well in their working environment.

Individuals successes with coaching can have an enormous positive effect throughout a company, a family even friendships, improving morale, staff satisfaction and retention. Based on a collaborative relationship and a clear process, coaching focuses on allowing people to have an more overall balanced mental health and wellbeing.

About Louise Jones, Founder of Inhouse Coaching (This copy to come)


How are we different to other Executive & Corporate Coaching Companies?

Firstly, at Inhouse Coaching, we come to you! For one full day a fortnight, the Inhouse Coaching company will support, guide and drive your companies most valuable assets… your staff! Inhouse Coaching operate from within your organisation and will confidentially support the overall businesses objectives whilst adapting to the culture, history and politics of your organisation.

When you work with the Inhouse Coaching company you will benefit from our independence, objectivity and wider range of experience all from the convenience of on your own worksite.
The sessions are held confidentially onsite (or if preferred at a nearby location), minimising downtime and work disruption. Bookings are easily and discretely made through the Inhouse Coaching website.

Secondly, companies that employ Inhouse Coaching are able to provide a totally unbiased support to senior staff that an FTE resource may not be able to do. Individuals benefit from developing trusting relationships with the coach and can help develop a coaching culture within an organisation and can act as a change agent. The development of an Inhouse Coaching strategy is also usually seen as a statement that the organisation is moving towards a supportive coaching style of management.

Why choose us?


We come to you, minimising offsite disruptions


With set day rates you can allocate as many team members you wish


One day a fortnight, with executive, team or individual sessions
booked privately online

A partnership

We’re an extension of the team supporting your most valuable assets… your staff!

Ongoing support

Just because the session has finished doesn’t mean the support does. Email and telephone support is available to all staff.

Workshops and group sessions

Group or workshop sessions are also available working to your theme, topic or alternatively we can recommend a program for you.

Friendly and non-invasive

We’re here to help and serve you, not get you off side. In saying that, we will ensure we enable all your team to see their maximum potential

Healthier, happier workforce

Improvements in sick leave, corporate culture and overall company loyalty

Inhouse Coaching have been fully trained in a wide range of coaching methodologies and are experienced coaches who take a non-directive approach that focuses on raising awareness by drawing out the individuals own knowledge and experience and then encouraging ownership and responsibility and commitment to personal change. They also pride themselves on being open to a diversity of coaching interventions, using metaphor, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), clearing poor behaviour patterns, removal of negative influences, clearing negative emotions or beliefs, strong goal setting techniques, clearing anxiety or stress, symbolic modelling and clean language.