A New Project Management Company Ready to Serve Your Needs


The Running Drummer — A New Project Management Company Ready to Serve Your Needs

The Running Drummer, a strategic project management company, is poised to help under-resourced, overstretched businesses with a wide variety of services ranging from brand marketing to IT systems integration.

Small and medium businesses in Australia can now call on The Running Drummer to save the day when they feel the pressure to keep up with everyday demands. The Running Drummer team members pride themselves on being resources for those feeling just a little stretched, trying to move forward with project with limited personnel. They support businesses that are going through substantial change. When businesses feel the time crunch, they can turn to the expert management consultants who live to make projects happen.
The management consultants at The Running Drummer have been running and drumming for over 20 years, and are now ready to help others do the same without missing a beat. Between them, there is expertise in design, marketing, business strategy, leadership, and systems integration. Their versatility makes them extremely valuable for supporting entire businesses as a resource, rather than just one department.
This strategic project management company functions on a simple yet solid philosophy — Love what you do…Work with people you respect…Deliver exceptional results. With that philosophy, the management consultants believe that anything is possible. They are the ones that breathe life into projects that seem too overwhelming to attack. They are the movers and the shakers; the doers that make things happen. Essentially, they are the ones who become an extension of a business’ in-house team to “get ‘er done!”
The bottom line for the management consultants at The Running Drummer is clear communication with their clients. They will even work with the client’s supplier base or develop one if needed. As project people, they work hard to make sure they get struggling businesses out of jams by assisting them, side-by-side. Based on the information provided through a brief, the crew will represent the brand and business exactly to specifications.
The experts at this project management company are quick, results-driven, and cost-effective, which makes them stand out from the crowd. They strongly believe that businesses will thrive when managed strategically, creatively, and efficiently, and have dedicated their lives to helping others get there. The management consultants at The Running Drummer feel great satisfaction in completing projects with integrity and quality.